You Need to Know it’s Broken

Evidently, Ontario’s new premier has never heard of Albert Einstein. She said;

My term as premier is not about demonstrating how different I am from premiereinstein McGuinty..

That’s too bad, because Einstein said;

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

It should not come as a surprise that premier Wynne is presenting a bold front. Even Liberals, who customarily find themselves shoveling the waste they themselves created to ankle deep level, are never so candid as to admit that there was maybe, a few things that they did wrong. You know, like…”OK so the gas plants was kind of a dumb waste of money …especially when we are gouging everybody to pay for all the other dumb things we’ve done.” Or, “Yeah…maybe the Green Plan was not such a good idea. Maybe the FIT was a bit high, and we never really gave enough thought to connecting all these things to the grid. But hey, this is about your children’s health, get it. They will be breathing clean air…especially with all the shut-down plants.”

My suspicion is that you won’t be hearing these things from premier Wynne, because none of the Liberal caucus is clear on the fact that they did anything wrong. What Einstein neglected to consider was that the subjects of his criticism might just be so clueless as to be satisfied with the result they are getting.

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