When Disaster is Seen as Success

Chris Selley of the National Post belabours the “mystery of Dalton McGuinty’s success”, digging deep for answers and leaving us with more questions. But how does he measure success? If longevity is all that’s needed, then McGuinty (and before him, Chretien) gets some credit, but does not the concept of political success include some measure of social/economic advancement. By either component of that criteria, he was a disaster.

The answers Selley seeks are hidden within the ruins of each of the ruinous policies McGuinty put in place. Whichever you analyse – whether the green plan, junior kindergarten,ruins cancelled generating plants, e-health, and on and on – they all shared two common traits. First they were juicy, trendy bait to an unwary public, eager to follow the latest socially correct quackery. Thus packaged, they seldom set off alarm bells loud enough for the slumbering masses to hear. And, secondly they were specifically targeted at a self-interested segment of the public – like teachers, other public sector workers, green activists, etcetera – who were subsequently conscripted into the Liberal electoral complement.

So what’s the mystery? Remember the following general truth, and you can watch it repeat itself over and over:

Guided by their malleable ethics – shaped to cater to the voters’ latest consensual whim – it is a wonder that Liberals ever lose elections. When they do, it is a result of the accumulated odor arising from the inevitable rot created by their excesses.   

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