The Colonized Indian

brazeauIf we remove the part played by luck or fate, in the way Patrick Brazeau’s life has unfolded, we still have to admit that by most measures he probably represents most people’s view of a successful Canadian native. He is youthful, outspoken and a member of Canada’s Senate. If we could wave a magic wand over Attawapiskat, and cause all the young lives, currently on the slippery slope, to find some happy ending, Mr. Brazeau could provide the mold for this favourable outcome.

It appears, however, that this sentiment is not shared by Theresa Spence and whomever follows her footsteps. Rather than wishing that more young natives aspire to a similar success, she thinks Mr. Brazeau is a “Typical colonized Indian asshole.” Or so said the tweet which originated from her address.

If anything, this gives us an all too clear picture of what the rest of us are up against in addressing the issues that bedevil our native population. If Mr. Brazeau’s success represents, to the talking heads of the aboriginal community, not a success to be emulated, but a “colonized Indian”, where do we begin?

5 thoughts on “The Colonized Indian

  1. One question does any of the “13 Committments” signed by Bob Rae and the Angus led NDP-Q lower ranks include ACCOUNTABILITY?
    I mean ya gotta notice the elephant in the tee pee with Mayor Spence.
    Hmm of course “no body” is responsible for the slur thrown at Senator Brazeau.
    I guess you could say he is “Colon-ized”
    Senator Brazeau is not however the problem, demonizing anyone who is successful is.
    The problem the people on reserves have is not the lack of funds it is the greed and lack of accountably by the small town mayors and their families.
    No amount of tee pee theatrics or phony hunger strikes or feather headresses will change that.
    Standing around on highways and rail lines just makes the people who are trying to go to work and paying the taxes mad as hell.
    Idle no More is not supported by the mainstream either on the reserve on on mainstreet Canada.
    Canadians whatever their ethnic background do not support those who live high on the hog while others do without.
    This man gets it.
    Cheers Bubba

  2. “…to find some happy ending, Mr. Brazeau could provide the mold for this favourable outcome.”

    I disagree, Brazeau is just another government employee,and the Indian community doesn’t nee MORE members living off the taxpayer,they need entrepreneurs, tradesmen, professionals,businessmen as role models,not glorified civil servants.

    True Indian role model”Chief Clarence Louie.

    Though Brazeau has done well for himself, and represents the modern Native to some degree, I don’t consider him a particular “role model”

    • dmorris
      I fully agree with you and did not mean to imly that we need 500,000 more senators. My point is that if the chiefs of the AFN have nothing but “colonized” slurs for the successful among them, what hope is there of satisfying their dreams?

    • Dmorris, Chief Clarence Louie was interviewed by a Montreal radio station. Although he sounds like a valid role model for the Indian & Aboriginal community, concentrating as he said he does on seeking business opportunities and making money for his community, he sounded like just another angry person listing all the old grievances that Canadian governments and the Crown, past and present, have supposedly perpetrated on Canada’s First Nations.

      If Canada’s First Nations and the Canadian government are to move forward, creating opportunities for all the people living within Canada’s borders, the accusations of assimilation (even of genocide, according to more extreme elements) and colonization have to stop, as do the payments of reparations and guilt money to atone for past grievances.

  3. Well you have to start somewhere dmorris, we do know Senator Brazeau can take a punch.
    We started as Reform 25 years ago, morphed into Alliance.
    As the oppos like to point out, or “roll in” , had a collie like that , we formed a coalition with the PC’s.
    We had a good Leader, still have that Leader.
    When the people are ready that Leader will appear.
    Change can be sudden, it is better if it is incremental, small steps.
    It does not matter how long a job takes as long as it is well done, it will last the ages.
    I am not criticizing your POV just stating mine.
    I am seeing things stated publicly by Canadians of native background that I have not seen before.
    For the record Grandma was part Indian, I have cousins far darker than Mayor Spence.
    We are a large family, coast to coast, proudly Canadian grateful for the opportunities that are available to everyone who wants to work.
    Grandad was a 9 year old orphan immigrant from the slums of Glasgow.
    Nobody gave a damn, he was used as slave labor on a farm at Portage la Prairie.
    He moved on worked prospered, married a lovely dark eyed girl had 10 kids six survived childhood
    The four boys served overseas two went from Normandy all the way to Berlin.
    There are 500+ in my family now all colors, creeds all Canadian no hyphens.

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