So Many Ships to Sink…

Dwight Duncan had a hand firmly on the tiller of Ontario’s energy ship when it started the province’s drift toward the rocks. From there he took command of finance and succeeded in firmly running Ontario onto the shoals. 

I am probably not alone in thinking that Dwight Duncan’s imminent bailout is a clear indication of his assessment of the Ontario Liberal party’s electoral chances. The ship is sinking and it’s time to take a page from the bio of captain Schettino. But fans of Mr. Duncan – peeking from under rocks – may yet have hope. A Windsor Star writer says that although Duncan’s departure from the Ontario legislature is imminent, he is not ruling out a federal run.duncan

But after the demonstrable disasters resulting from Mr. Duncan’s hand at the wheel, what perceived benefit would accrue to the federal Liberals? What success stories qualify him for participation in the country’s management? Imagine all Canada as a have-not province, or a national version of the Green Energy Boondoggle. Would that disqualify him from such presumptions?

I guess I’m showing my conservative colours by thinking so. After all, we are talking about the party of the “entitled” and their “entitlements”. The party who became comfortable with the exchange of taxpayers’ money in brown envelopes. Results never did mean much, and principles were malleable, as long as you were top dog at promising things. Now that makes you a leading Liberal. In fact his aptitude for spending more than is available, should make him future leadership material. So many ships to sink, so little time. 


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