Obama’s Last Stand

armsI saw “The Last Stand” yesterday, starring Ahnold, the king of all gratuitous violence. A large part of the world’s firearms selection was on display and being liberally used by everyone including the movie’s resident little old lady. The fallout of brass casings was enough to spike the commodities index.

I’m not sure of the extent of damaging psychological repercussions which I suffered. As you can see I had this uncontrollable urge to depict a small armory of guns on this page. Who knows what erratic synaptic connections are happening as we speak, or if the example of indiscriminate mayhem will cause me to snap in some future moment. Is it a sign of bad things to come that I enjoyed watching the requisite bad guys get their just desserts? 

I could not help wondering, what’s going to happen when the Hollywood crowd – so infatuated with Obama – runs headlong into his thinly thought out gun control measures. After all, if you remove all the gratuitous displays of violence, gunplay, bad guys doing bad things, and so on, there would be very few movies left standing. Or, for that matter, any six o’clock news.

See, it’s already starting to happen to me. I get this terrible destructive urge to send a copy of this movie to Obama, and watch the doodoo fly.

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