Environmental Jihad?

Jim Jones lives on in the actions of the west’s environmental cult. The green mantra has morphed into religion. Its adherents have turned into devout soldiers in a holy war. And, untitledwith a little help from Saul Alinsky’s bible (Rules for Radicals), they have learned to control the agenda in the conflict, and are winning that war.

Obama has been using that bible skillfully and he did it again in his State of the Union message:

We can choose to believe that superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires…were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science…

The dedicated environmental warrior is able to string selected facts together to buttress his final premise, which soon becomes the gospel of the land. Opponents can nitpick about the validity of statements about the “SUPERSTORM”, or whether there is a common thread with other freaks of nature, but, by then, who is going to listen? Who indeed… especially after the strings of runaway assumptions are backstopped with edicts like the “OVERWHELMING JUDGMENT OF SCIENCE”. Scratch that judgment’s surface and you will find legions of featherbedding, intimidated scientists who have sold their souls to the climate change devil.

Claudia Cattaneo takes us a step further in the National Post, by exploring the substance of environmental organizations. An organization such as the Natural Resources Defense Council is extremely well-funded, with a battalion of 350 lawyers. Tactics include “do not buy” campaigns which effectively co-opt corporations (like protection rackets of the past) into supporting causes which hurt them. Action campaigns which motivate the public and politicians into supporting policies which will hurt them in the long run. (See Keystone pipeline.) Finally, even when energy projects are approved, they are dragged into court to be worn down by the weight and cost of justice.

The people who worship at the green temple, are as committed as any jihadist. The commandments they believe are similarly, tortured truth – “the fossil fuel industry needs to be on the way out”. And, the pursuit of a green planet, at any cost,  is a goal whose righteousness obliterates the consequences of their actions. A west independent of hostile energy suppliers must first overcome the environmental jihad. If we are to avoid being bankrupted by carbon taxes, we need to fight back with equal intensity. And if we are going to keep the transportation industry from another belly-up, it must avoid being coerced into dead-end reinventions of the wheel. (See electric cars.) With Obama on the wrong side, and the UN busily seeking rent, and the movie stars and Al Gores of the world, all having drunk the koolaid, the damage done will be considerable before the pendulum starts on its return swing.


2 thoughts on “Environmental Jihad?

  1. Below are 3 web sites that the Global Warming/climate change alarmist do want to access because it refutes their agenda: The first two are from Dr. Patrick Moore former head of Greenpeace who turned against Greenpeace because that organization has morphed into activism and not interested in protecting the environment. Dr. Moore high-lights the land reclamation processes going on in Fort MacMurray. He also outlines the Northern Gateway pipeline.
    The Last two sites are from the United Nations IPCC outlining the fraud perpetrated by some over the global warming/climate change.

    To critize others who are not convinced of the global warming and climate change by calling them deniers is wrong. Please research and inform yourself on all aspects; just don’t listen to the likes of Al Gore, David Suzuki, Elizabeth May etal. There are eminent people like Lord Moncton, and Bjorn Lonborg who have refuted IPCC findings as did the University of East Anglia.




    • Thanks for the sites. I’ve heard of all the people you mention because I’ve paid attention. I think most warming believers are (a)highly selective of what they listen to, (b) can’t see the forest for the trees, or (c) are profiting from this stupidity.

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