Can’t Fix It, Chrome It

untitledI went to high school in the mid sixties. At that time it was customary to teach male students the basics of military drill, in uniform, and with rifles. The basement of our school had an indoor firing range, and all these same students were taught the function of a military firearm, and an initiation to marksmanship.

It was explained to us by the instructors (our academic teachers) that the reason we did this was because WW2 had taught them that lack of preparation in military defense, cost us dearly, and that never again would we be caught unprepared.

This worthy cause was initiated by those who could still clearly remember the ravages of that war, but the lesson they had learned, died with them. The global awareness of today’s youth, and those who teach them, does not even go so far as a basic knowledge of the oceans that surround our country, or the location of Africa on our globe. In a world that often looks more dangerous than ever, we are content to let others bear the burden of preparedness. The thought of letting our school kids handle a firearm, would give our gun-free darlings a stroke.

Did we not have criminals and nutcases back then? I’m sure we did, but they did not have the incentive that instant media celebrity status now gives them. I believe that is the main difference between then and now. And the current focus for ramping up legislation in hopes of hitting on a workable defense against the spontaneous whims of gun-toting crazies, is about as useful as our dearly departed gun registry. The focus of such laws, whether initiated by Alan Rock or Obama, is always to restrict the actions of those who will obey such laws. By default, these laws will do nothing to hinder those who do not. After all, murder is already gainst the law.

Such laws are for the political benefit of the legislators, and amount to another relic of the sixties – “if it don’t go chrome it”.

6 thoughts on “Can’t Fix It, Chrome It

  1. Even worse. In the early ’60s the army ran the Young Soldier Training Program for students over 16 years old. Pay rate was the same as for reservists. Hands on weapons training was a big part of it. It scarred me for life. A loud bang or someone shouting brings me to tears now. And uniforms of any kind pushes me into a pre-natal position. Life as a carpenter has been hell. Kumbaya!

  2. Gun registry is not onerous and will help the police solve crimes. It’s a shame the NRA and Conservatives teamed up to kill it.

    • Fred
      The registry was never meant to deter criminals. How could it? If they are criminals, when will they abide by the law? Neither you nor any that think like you have ever answered that question. But that does not matter, from Allen Rock on down, to Obama today, your side is more interested in a cozy illusion. You want more safety? Spend it on real policing.

    • Care to cite a single example of how the Gun Registry had ever solved or prevented a crime? You won’t because you cannot; even the Police and Federal government were forced to admit that there was no evidence whatsoever that the Gun Registry had helped solve or prevented crime.

      Of course the same sort of magical thinking created “Gun Free Zones”; places which have attracted predators and where (with only one exception) all mass shooting incidents in the United States have taken place. The same magical thinking that closed down all gun clubs in Toronto saw no reduction in gun crime during the tenure of Mayor David Miller, indeed guncrime continued to increase until a joint police operation in Canada and JAmaca broke up the “Shower Posse” criminal gang.

      Solving problems involves work, not magical thinking or symbolic actions. While I might not pretend to know how to reduce guncrime or violence, I certainly know that any solution must be applied to the people who commit these crimes, not the tools they choose to use.

  3. I remember those days very well. I also remember that we used to say the Lord’s prayer in school and have “hotdog” days on Friday. Today however that same school is now proudly a “Gunfree” and weapon free zone. The Lord’s prayer is now an offensive phrase of words that has been banned as it has been deemed “hurtful” to new Canadians. Hotdog day Friday has now been replaced with a makeshift Mosque for Islamic immigrants to pray to their God. New Canadian immigrants that have a religious and cultural practice of carrying daggers are allowed to do so on school property that has been declared a weapon free zone.

  4. Fred, that is your opinion, but unfortunately for you there is no evidence to back it up. Are you so naive to think that criminals register their guns? The fact is only law-abiding citizens do so, and they are never the problem. The Canadian experience also shows how wasteful, useless and onerous it is.

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